Zach Dundas

Creative strategy, creative direction, editorial direction, editing, writing.

Ex-EIC at Portland Monthly. Correspondent for Monocle. Strategic direction and/or tactical execution on projects for Aflac, Microsoft, Context Partners, Open Sky Media, others. Author of The Great Detective (2015) and The Renegade Sportsman (2010). Contributor to many.


A furry, helpless robot, and the people who loved it.
Big Oil at the lonely edge of the West.
Ace transforms the hotel game.
Wendy Red Star’s bright and bold Native vision.
Women’s soccer, redefined.
A city’s scandalous birth in the bottom of a glass.
Why a successful town’s leaders just can’t win.
Forthcoming: Death in the West


For five years, I led the editorial team at Portland Monthly. We redesigned, launched new special issues, reinvented our website, pulled off crazy photo shoots, and built many beautiful pages together. A few particularly good issues: April ’18, January ’18, Design ’17, September ’16.


The Great Detective: the pop cultural history of Sherlock Holmes.
The Renegade Sportsman: the wild and weird side of American sports.